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मन्को क्लिनिक      
An Online Mental-Health Service
Reg No. 296210/079/080 PAN: 6103381

Dr. Subodh Dahal, MD, MA                
Director                                                                                                               Consultant Psychiatry & Mental Health.                                                                 NMC Reg: 10858                                                                                 

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Beenu Khakhurel       



About Us
Mental health and related distress management is the primary goal of Manko Clinic. It provides Evidence-Based Methods of healing with the help of it’s highly qualified experts such as Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists and Social Workers.
Our treatment method comprises Prescription medication, Psycho-therapy, Counseling and Ancient healing. We deal with adjustment issues regarding relationships, family, abuses of various kind, trauma and psychiatric illnesses.
This online application utilize audio-visual and texting as primary means of communication to serve your purpose right at your palm.
We respect your privacy hence it's safe and secure. Please feel free to share with us so that we can be a part of your emotinally healthy life.
Reg No. 296210/079/080 PAN: 610338119